Question: I am not an artistic person. How can I utilize creativity in evangelism?

Many people by their own admission don’t have a natural “artistic” gift. They love to say things like, “I can play the radio—that’s the extent of my musical ability.”  Perhaps you consider art and faith and think that there’s no way you could use art to help you evangelize.

Art, though, is all around us. You can play the radio—more specifically, music can be used as an evangelistic tool. Not just Christian music either. Songs evoke emotion and inspire ideas that spark conversation. 

Those conversations often turn to spiritual things, especially with the type of lyrics that today’s popular artists write. Whether you connect with them or are offended by them, in order to be effective in evangelism, we have to understand what speaks to unbelievers—and clearly music is one of those things.

Movies also elicit deep responses in everyone. Non-Christians aren’t devoid of emotions that lead to spiritual thought—the themes and performances in today’s film can really open the door for opportunities to share the gospel. 

Time and again the themes of redemption, sacrifice, moral choices, etc. appear in movies that have absolutely nothing to do with Christ, yet totally provide ample opportunity to use them as great illustrations or conversation-starters. 

Artistic expression is something that everyone can relate to whether they realize it or not. Even if you don’t feel like you have a ‘gift’ or ‘talent’ for art—you really do understand it. Creative works elicit common responses in believers and unbelievers alike. It is these responses that can provide a bridge to spiritual conversation and ultimately the gospel.