Question: What do you think is the biggest mistake Christians make in Evangelism?


Based on my experience, I would say that it is that people do not share the gospel clearly.

It’s important we explain that we are sinners and it is important to explain that Christ died for sinners. In dying, He did not become our example—He became our substitute. He died in our place, taking the punishment we deserved and rose again. For years, I’d personally heard that Christ died but I didn’t understand that Christ died for me. We need to make it clear that Christ died for us.

It is equally important that we explain what we mean by believe. That is to trust in Christ alone as our only way to heaven. Salvation is not Christ plus, but Christ period. So many people think that to believe means to follow Christ, go to church, walk an aisle or say a prayer. It is trusting Christ alone as their only way to heaven. The moment they trust Christ, God gives them eternal life free.

When the message is presented clearly, people understand what Christ did for them. If it is not presented clearly, they cannot make an intelligent decision. The message must be presented clearly.