Question: What do you do if a person tells you they are not interested in spiritual things?


If God has not opened the door for the gospel, you can’t. But that door may not be as closed as you think. 

Four suggestions:

  1. Start with a compliment — something that allows you to take the offense not the defense. As he expresses his non-interest in spiritual things say, “Thanks for your honesty. I appreciate people who are up front and honest.” Then ask, “May I ask why?” This simple, respectful approach has opened the door on several occasions to have a lengthy discussion about spiritual things. 
  2. Consider written communication. Here is where a tract that gives a clear presentation of the gospel may be helpful. With grace and truth respond, “I will honor your request to not speak about spiritual things, but may I give you something to read that has meant a great deal to me personally?” If they say “No,” respect their wishes.
  3. You may need to back off completely. If someone is not ready or willing to discuss spiritual things, doing so will only break trust. When someone sees you aren't trying to stuff religion down his throat, they may even start a spiritual conversation with you at a later time. 
  4. Pray! Don’t overlook the obvious. The person to whom you are speaking can keep you from talking; he cannot keep you from praying. God has all kinds of ways of bringing people to their knees and causing them to see their need of Him. Do not put such a person in the “not interested” column but in the “not interested now” column. Who knows what the next month or year might hold.