We all go through seasons of busyness. But, if you find yourself chronically busy, take the time to examine and declutter your schedule.

The goal of decluttering is to create some margin and simplicity in your schedule to free you up to focus on what really matters—cultivating your relationships with God and others, including sharing the gospel.

Here is a “self-assessment” to get you started.

  • Do I consider busyness a badge of honor in the eyes of others?
  • Am I focusing too much on keeping up a particular image or lifestyle?
  • Do I have a problem saying “No”? Am I concerned with what people might think when I do?
  • Are my actions geared toward representing myself or representing Christ?
  • Is my busyness a result of fear? If so, does it involve an area in which I need to trust God?  
  • Am I using busyness to cope with something (loneliness, inadequacy) I need to take before the Lord?
  • Am I controlling my smart phone and computer or are they controlling me?
  • Do I view people as a hinderance to my schedule or an opportunity?
  • If I look at the items on my schedule, does each activity help, hinder, or distract me from following Jesus and loving others?”

Remember, the goal is to declutter wherever possible to free yourself up to pursue what really matters for eternity.

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