Everybody leads! No matter who we are, we lead people at least some of the time, whether in a business or a Scout troop or school, ministry, church, or our family.

My own leadership experience has come from years of failure and success in leading with and without power, with and without money, and sometimes facing major change or opportunity.

When it comes to Christian leadership, I’ve observed six Big C’s that increase the likelihood of success, both for the leader and the team. The Cs are:

We probably can’t master all these C’s before we get to Heaven, but every step is rewarding and we can get a lot done in the process! God even gave us someone to emulate as we learn. God’s servant, the leader Nehemiah, certainly provides insight in how to become a Big C Leader.

In the Book of Nehemiah, God demonstrated through several leaders’ lives how to use the six Cs. God was involved in Nehemiah’s future and Nehemiah knew it — he was fasting and praying over the condition of Jerusalem and the distress of God’s children who had returned from captivity in Persia (1:1–1:11). The wall of Jerusalem was broken and the gates burned. There was no protection for the people. Nehemiah wanted God, and the King of Persia, for whom he was a trusted servant, to help him to do something about the situation (2:5).

Join us over the next few weeks as we look at the Big C’s that Nehemiah demonstrated for us as he completed the mission God gave him. You might want to use a good study Bible for more insights about Nehemiah.