Over the past few days, we’ve been discussing the 6 Big C’s of Leadership, all exhibited by God’s man Nehemiah. First, we looked at confident faith. Then we looked at conviction. Today, let’s discuss commitment.

Commitment is the mindful decision of a leader that she will give her God-given gifts, time, talent, spiritual support, and the required effort to achieve the team’s goal. If she will not commit, she should not take the team leadership role. Period.

An effective leader is accustomed to work, enjoys working, and gets a great sense of satisfaction from work well done with other people. Thus, it is not difficult for a good leader to commit to a team, a plan, and the work if the level of commitment matches the value of the outcome

If we put Conviction and Commitment in an equation, it would look something like this:

Conviction + Commitment = Determination

Determination is what keeps a leader going — even after everyone else has gone home or when a timeline is threatened by unexpected difficulty. Determination makes a leader think longer, find more resources, study till she understands a new concept proposed by a team member, wrestle with deadlines or team assignments when others don’t care, and propel the team with fun and joy over every success. 

Even in the face of opposition and conspiracy, Nehemiah demonstrated conviction and commitment (Nehemiah 3 – 6). His determination gave him courage! God would not quit, and neither would he.

  • When enemies ridiculed him…Nehemiah trusted God to prosper his plans and took his concerns to the Lord in prayer (2:19–20; 4:4–5).
  • When enemies threatened to attack…Nehemiah again prayed and set up a guard to repel attackers (4:7–9).
  • When enemies tried to draw him away from Jerusalem…Nehemiah did not leave. He kept working on the wall (6:1–4).
  • When his enemies spread lies about him…Nehemiah denied the accusations and prayed, and kept working (6:5–9).
  • When his enemies tried to trick him into hiding…Nehemiah discerned their deception, prayed, and continued his work. (6:10–14).

A leader can’t build determination without Commitment. Commitment is the element of leadership that is toughest for a new leader. Why? Because there are not many role models for it. You be a role model for it!

What steps would you need to take today to raise your level of Conviction and Commitment for the teams and goals you lead?

Think about it. Share your ideas with another leader in your organization. You’ll both grow.