We’ve been looking at the 6 Big C’s of Leadership, including confident faith, conviction, commitment, and competence. Today, we’re discussing consistency.

Nehemiah emulates consistent leadership. He faced ridicule, slander, threats of attack, and duplicity, but nothing derailed him from accomplishing his goals. Under his direction, the wall was rebuilt and Jerusalem experienced revival.

Successful leaders are dedicated to consistently get results! Let’s look at an illustration.

Most successful leaders, like “Bob,” have a pattern of work that they refine over the years while they work as a team member. Some even have software so crucial to their success that they will not lead a team if they can’t use that software for management.

At some point in Bob’s career, someone noticed how consistently he got results. So, that manager gave Bob a job leading a team for a sub-project of a bigger project. The team worked well, achieved their objective, and Bob added a few things to his approach from the new project. 

So, another leader, who spent time developing leaders, noticed Bob’s work and thought, “Here is a guy who can do more!” And she met with Bob, and asked, “If we gave you this project to do and this goal, how would you go about doing it?” (Remember this good question!)

And Bob answered, “We did a good job on the XX project. I’ll show you the approach we used to get that job done, and you can tell me if you agree it could work for bigger things. If not, maybe you would help me refine it!” That’s a consistent person’s answer.

An inconsistent person might have said, “We’d figure this out as a team, after all, it’s a new project.” No, we probably would not “figure it out as a team.”

There are many good, proven management practices. A person or organization with a set of practices or established management approach will achieve more results faster with a new team because — team members see the CAPABILITY and CONSISTENCY and begin to trust the leader. Right? Right. Then, the team can tailor the existing approach to the requirements. But they don’t have to invent the approach — they get to start with a proven method!

If you are not “Bob” – hire “Bob.” Management and leadership consistency in focusing on results are priceless. Why? Because the outcome is confidence that the next plan can be implemented, and the goal can be achieved!

Stay tuned! We will wrap up the last “C” in the next post.