As we enter the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking about the whole concept of the incarnation. I don’t know if God could ever have a “comfort zone,” but if He did, the incarnation was the ultimate way in which He got out of it. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for the God who created and sustains the universe to submit Himself to the limitations of a baby, a boy, and then a man to make a way for us to be reconciled to Him.

I read a lot about different ways to share this message during the Christmas season. Yes, Christmas provides a lot of opportunities to share the gospel. But ultimately people are not drawn to Christ through our rituals, decorations, or traditions. They are drawn to the Christ they see in us.

God calls believers to follow the example He set through the incarnation. He calls us to get out of our comfort zone to take the message of the gospel and the very presence of Christ in us to people, neighborhoods, and communities that are different than us/ours.

The times my family has done this during Christmas have not always been easy or convenient. Several times, we have traveled to what I have perceived as a dangerous neighborhood in order to deliver presents and the message of the gospel. However, I have never forgotten the looks on the families’ faces when we arrived and shared our evening with them.

Not that there is anything special to them about our family, but they were simply appreciative that someone cared. During these trips, we try to make it clear that the reason we are doing it is because we want them to know how much God truly loves them and then share the gospel.

This season, consider doing something outside of your comfort zone. Begin with prayer. Ask God to:

  1. Open your eyes to the people and places he wants you to take the light of Jesus this Christmas season.
  2. Pursue opportunities to share such as Angel Tree through Prison Fellowship, your local child’s shelter home, or through your church or one in your community.
  3. Ask God for the boldness to obey Him when he does provide opportunities.
  4. Remember we are not only called to share at Christmas, but throughout the entire year.   

 Do you have a story when you “got out of your comfort zone” to share the love of Christ during the Christmas season?