The Summer is an excellent time to cultivate relationships with others and create potential opportunities to share our Savior. However, finding time to do so can be a challenge. After all, summers are often filled with vacations, outdoor events, children’s activities, etc.

How do we take advantage of the Summer months to make an impact for Christ in the midst of a busy schedule? Here are some thoughts to consider:

Be intentional about building relationships

Your Summer is full of opportunities to build relationships. Often we wait for a relationship with others to just sort of form on its own, but why not be a little more proactive? Think of all the people you encounter on a regular basis that you could start taking steps to get to know - and then see if the Lord brings an opportunity to share the most amazing news they'll ever hear. Here are 20 examples just off the top of my head of people we often overlook:

  • Neighbors, co-workers, employees, landlords
  • Mail deliverer, barber or hairstylist, grocery store checker, waiter or waitress
  • Insurance agent, accountant, attorney, banker
  • Doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist
  • Plumber, electrician, mechanic
  • Coach of a child's team

Often times, work slows down over the Summer as people take vacations and set aside extra time for family, so it can be a great time to focus extra attention on relationship building. Start some conversations today and just see where the Lord takes it over time - you may have a very special opportunity to play a major part in someone's road to glory!

Make yourself available to others

We live in a culture where the expectation is for everyone to just keep to themselves. However, people are designed for relationships, so ask the Lord for creative ways to connect with others in your area of influence. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Invite a friend to join you as you jog or play golf, tennis, or another sport
  • Ask a family to join you for a picnic, dessert, or special Summer-themed event
  • Offer to do something for your neighbors while they’re traveling
  • Invite the neighbors’ children to play in your yard
  • Work on home repair and landscape projects together
  • Lend lawn and garden tools. Lending displays a caring spirit
  • Invite a family to your home for a cookout
  • Coach a team in your City to build communication opportunities with children and their parents
  • Help organize a block party for your neighborhood

Many more ideas could be added here, but why not step out in a creative way to be a friend and see where the Lord takes it?

Be prayerful, people-focused and prepared

Cover everything with prayer as you jump into the adventure of building relationships with others this Summer. God is the one who opens doors for relationships as well as the opens the hearts and minds of others. Be in prayer the He will do both as you seek to be more intentional this Summer. 

Take time to listen to others. As you meet new people (or people you already know in new ways) take time to ask questions and learn more about them. People who make the time to listen to others are rare in our fast-paced culture. When someone sees you genuinely want to hear their point of view or more of their story, they genuinely know you care. And when someone knows you genuinely care, they are much more receptive to anything you would like to share about the things that matter most to you, including your relationship with the Lord. The importance of taking the time to listen can never be overstated.

Be prepared to share. You never know when the Lord is going to bring an opportunity to share the gospel with someone. Why not be prepared (and confident) with a clear simple presentation of the gospel. EvanTell offers convenient and free online evangelism training to help you do just that. Register and get trained today. Make this Summer the most meaningful ever by simply taking time to put some of the thoughts above into action.

You never know what God will do with your efforts, but you can be certain that His Name will be lifted high and glorified as you seek to dedicate your Summer to Him!