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Here’s a brief look at the top 15 posts of 2016. If you missed them, now’s your opportunity to read everyone’s favorites. Or…perhaps reread, for some of you savvy blogophiles.

#15: “10 Ways to Share Hope with a Broken World”
People are struggling all around us, but sometimes we tune them out. Read some ways to strategically look for and help people who need hope.

#14: “Keeping the Focus on Christ during Political Campaigns”
What is an appropriate balance between our involvement in fulfilling the great commission and our involvement with political movements, issues, or candidates?

#13: “The Orlando Shooting: To Rant or To Respond”
This past year we’ve seen several acts of evil in the news. How ought we to respond to these spiritual battles in our world?

#12: “What Does the Resurrection Prove?”
The resurrection is a pivotal point in Christian history. This central element unifies the Christian Church. Why is that resurrection so important?

#11: “How to Share the Gospel with One Verse”
We love simplicity don’t we? But it’s even better when it’s profound simplicity. Larry shows you how to share the gospel with someone utilizing only one verse.

Stay tuned! On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing #10–#6.

In the meantime, please share your favorite posts of the year. We’d love your feedback!