At EvanTell, we’re about the business of empowering and equipping believers to share their faith. One of the ways we do that is through our weekly blog posts.

This week we are taking a brief look at the top 15 posts of 2016. On Monday, we did “#15–#11.”

Here are #10–#6:

#10: “How to Give a New Believer Biblical Assurance of Salvation”
After someone trusts Christ, it is important to discuss with them how they can have assurance of their salvation. You can utilize John 5:24 in your conversation.

#9: “3 Misconceptions about Assurance”
For those who are truly saved, assurance of your salvation is a cornerstone to spiritual health and growth. On the other hand, if you have not trusted Christ alone, misinformation about salvation can prevent you from being saved in the first place. Read 3 prevailing misconceptions.

#8: “5 Excuses to Avoid in Evangelism”
Excuses for not evangelizing are easy to find and easy to use. Satan will use excuses to put you on the inactive list in evangelism. Recognize the enemy’s ploy, then let God make you a victor in evangelism.

#7: “Is Repentance Essential to Salvation?”
The Scriptures teach that repentance is essential to salvation. It’s crucial, however, to understand the biblical definition of repentance as it relates to salvation.

#6: “Sharing the Gospel with Children without Manipulation”
Children are very impressionable and can respond to evangelistic invitations for a variety of reasons. How can we avoid manipulation in children’s evangelism and ensure that the children we minister to are responding to the conviction of the Holy Spirit alone?

Come back on Friday, and I’ll share the top five!

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