As we wrap up 2016, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to train and equip you to share your faith!

This week we are taking a brief look at the top 15 posts of 2016. On Monday, we did “#15–#11.” On Tuesday, we did #10–#6.”

Here are the top 5!


#5: “3 Easy Steps for Starting Spiritual Conversations
Conversations about our faith don’t usually happen naturally unless we make them a priority. Follow 3 easy steps for faith conversations.

#4: “16 Freedoms We Have in Christ
In America, we celebrate our democratic freedom. Jesus, however, declares “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” Be encouraged by 16 freedoms found in Christ!

#3: 6 Ways to Pray as You Evangelize
Scripture teaches that as we evangelize, we ought to pray, but what should we pray for? And, what is the relationship of prayer to evangelism?

#2: “What is Saving Faith?"
The three elements of saving faith involve a knowledge of who Christ is, acceptance of His person and work, and trusting in Christ alone to save.

#1: “4 Phrases to Stop Using in Evangelism
Sometimes confusing phrases occur in evangelism, which fail to communicate the clarity of the gospel and the need to trust in Christ alone. Let’s make sure our language communicates the gospel message in the best way possible.

Thanks for taking an interest in the gospel in 2016!

As we plan our calendar, what topics do you hope we cover in 2017?