“What if I trusted Christ at a young age? Do I have a testimony worth sharing?”


If you trusted Christ at a young age, you may feel handicapped when it comes to sharing your personal testimony. Here are a few reasons some feel that way:

  • “I don’t have a compelling story”
  • “I don’t remember much about my life before trusting Christ”
  • “I can’t remember all of the details”

If you identify with any of these statements, yet know you are trusting in Christ alone as your only way to heaven, here is a strategy that may help.


Consider your life after trusting Christ as source material for your testimony. Remember, not all our problems and challenges disappear when we become Christians. We have some of the same struggles that non-Christians have.


Identify a time in your Christian life when you have needed help beyond yourself. What feelings did you have? Maybe it was a:

  • Struggle with an addiction or other type of sin
  • Battle with an emotion such as fear, hopelessness, or anxiety
  • Challenging circumstance such as the loss of your job or losing a loved one
  • Time of overcoming the pain, guilt, or shame from your past 


For example, you can say, “For years I struggled with peace. It seemed like my sense of well-being was tied to my circumstances. When things were good, I had peace. But when things were bad, I struggled with worry and anxiety.”


Next, identify the circumstance and/or event that caused you to turn to Christ for help during that time. For example, “A friend encouraged me with a verse from the Bible, ‘Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.’ I began taking the burdens that are out of my control to God in prayer and leaving them in His hands.”


Then list the evidence of the change Christ made in your life. “I have found that when I bring my burdens to Him, He provides peace amid hard circumstances. He is bigger than the challenges I face and walks with me even during the most difficult of times. He is the source of my peace.”


Finally, transition to the gospel. “However, to have the peace of God like I experienced, we have to have peace with God. I am glad that I came to Christ as a young person, but regardless of your age, today is the day to trust Christ.” Then clearly explain the plan of salvation – that we are sinners, Christ died for us and rose again, and we must trust Christ to save us. Let them know that they can experience the same forgiveness, peace, hope, etc. that you have. You can finish your testimony by inviting them to trust in Christ.


Even if you trusted Christ as a young person, you have a story to share. The Christian life is a series of testimonies and stories of God’s faithfulness. Our experiences with Him are meant to be shared, especially with those who don’t know Him.