When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by electricity. If you plugged the cord from a lamp into a wall socket, the light lit up the room! Wow! I thought I could sit beside the end of an extension cord and little "lectrics" would shoot out of the cord into a pile until I could SEE them! So I sat there. Nothing. No electricity shot out into a pile. Why not?  

Well, I learned something.  If you don't CONNECT the cord from the socket to something that needs electricity to operate, NO ELECTRICITY FLOWS THROUGH THE CORD! That was big news! 

That's the way the Christian life works, too! The Lord Jesus said, "I am the vine, and you are the branches.....without Me you can do nothing."  That is big news! HE has all the power. To have power to fulfill our purpose in life we have to get the power from Him!

Staying connected makes the power flow! Our puny power (that we think is so great) doesn't light up anything. But Christ-followers CAN plug into the Power of God! We plug into His power through connection by the Holy Spirit who comes to us at the instant of our salvation!

Then, we are like the lamp! When we are connected to God ... by reading and studying His Bible, learning to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, praying, and growing in obedience and service as we see what He calls us to do. The Light-giving Power flows right through us into the world! We don't think about ourselves so much. We think more about what HE wants, and after a time we WANT what He wants.

WE are no longer deluded into believing that WE are the power! The idea that humans are gods in themselves is a lying idolatry the devil peddles! There is only One God and HE flows good power through His people who are "called by His Name" to fulfill the purpose for which He made us -- if we stay connected! 

That little girl knew: You don't get light in the dark without plugging in to the Power.  

What if we each decided to stay connected all through 2016? And the Power flowed! What a mighty light He could make of us! HE might "electrify" the church and the world! He did it with a bunch of new believers in the First years of the church!  

We could do it again, if He gave us the Power only He can give. We could make The 2016 Connection. We could share the gospel with millions of people!  

Let's do it again! Let's do it again with Him before we go Home!