Why is it sometimes hard to witness in our own backyard? Understanding four very practical issues that occur helps us realize why we have to ask God for boldness in talking to those in our own neighborhood.

1. The reality is that sometimes we do not have respect in our own neighborhood (see Matt. 13:57). We can easily be taken for granted and our presence and words underestimated.

2. The people we witness to will see us again and again. If they don’t receive our message the first time, they may avoid us the next time.

3. Sometimes those who live the closest to us are the ones we have the least meaningful conversations with because we just “pass and greet one another.” We are more intentional in planning time to get together and catch up with those further away. How many times have we said to someone who moved away, “We probably have better times together now than we did before!”

4. We can be intimidated by the fact that those who see us the most know our strengths but also our weaknesses.

God is calling you to reach your neighbors and surrounding community. Although it may take longer to build mutual communication, trust and relationships, your neighborhood is your mission field. Trust in the fact that when He calls you to do something, He will provide everything you need in His timing.