Questions are not helpful in evangelism. They are essential. Why?

Three reasons. First, questions demonstrate that you are interested in people rather than asking them to be interested in you. Second, questions prevent the conversation from becoming a sermon. Initially the other person is talking more than you are. Third, questions glean information — information helpful in knowing how to turn the conversation to spiritual things.

Three types of questions help you learn more about people and their interests and concerns: personal interest questions, spiritual interest questions, and gospel interest questions.

Personal interest questions begin the conversation with basic information about the person: family, job, and background. Where are you from? Where do you live? Are you married? How and where did you meet your spouse? Have any children? What do you do? What do you like most about your job? What do you dislike? As you get to know a person, look for a natural transition into spiritual things based on the person’s life, concerns, and questions. It may be a reference to church, religion, prayer, pressure, problems, fears, successes, life, or death.

That is where the spiritual interest questions come in. Follow-up on concerns that came up in conversation and ask relevant and appropriate questions. Are you interested in spiritual things? What do you think the future holds? Do you think people are more worried and confused than they used to be?  How do you handle your hardest moments? Don’t forget while they are talking, you are talking—to God. You are whispering a prayer for boldness and direction.

As God leads, then pursue the gospel interest questions. Has anyone ever taken a Bible and shown you how you can know you are going to heaven? If you stood before God and He were to ask you, “Why should I let you into heaven?,” what would you say? May I share with you the most important decision I ever made that was a turning point in my life?

Questions! Have a stockpile of them. Then keep adding to the stockpile from conversations and concerns you see in the world around you. You will find they are one of the most effective tools you have ever used in evangelizing non-Christians.