Over the next couple of days, we’re looking at selected countries from the book Window on the World (read a full review here). Today’s focus is Brazil!

Quick Description (See Window on the World for more info): “Brazil is big! It’s the biggest country in South America. And it has the second largest population of Christians in the world. It makes a big impact on other countries through its music, culture, sports, and even its missionaries—Brazil sends many. Its regions are big too: the Amazon rainforest in the north, the ranchlands of the south, the miles of beaches, and the Pantanal wetlands to the west.”

Selected Prayer Requests (See Window on the World for additional Requests):

  • Ask God to “free the many people who live in fear of evil spirits and practice magic.”
  • For “groups with few or no Christians—especially in more remote regions—to meet Jesus.”

EvanTell’s Connection to Brazil: Brazil is a very religious country, but due to syncretism confusion often abounds. We have several ministry partners, a Master Certified Instructor, and four certified instructors in Brazil using our curriculum and materials to share the clear and simple gospel message.

Prayer Requests from our Instructors:

  • They recently trained 250 senior citizens; pray for them to be excited about the gospel and that many will be saved through their witness (both in open air evangelism and with friends & family).
  • Pray for our instructors to have continued success as they share the hope of the gospel.

Additional Resources: