This week we’re looking at selected countries from the book Window on the World (read a full review here). Today’s focus is South Africa!

Quick Description (See Window on the World for more info):

“South Africa’s forests, savannah, mountains, beaches, and rocky coasts are home to elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, and even penguins and sharks! South Africa is also home to many different peoples: the many Bantu tribes, the ancient Khoisan tribes, the Coloureds, and the Cape Malay. Immigrants from Europe and Asia now also call South Africa home, and millions of Africans have come here to escape war or poverty in their own countries. There is a variety of languages, foods, songs, and dances.”

Selected Prayer Requests (See Window on the World for additional Requests):

  • Ask God “to help people of all races in South Africa to love, respect, and forgive one another.”
  • Pray “for leaders who will govern in ways that honor God.”

EvanTell’s Connection to South Africa: EvanTell Certified Instructors John and Christy Page (missionaries with Word of Life International) actively train and disciple believers in South Africa utilizing many of EvanTell’s materials.

Additional Resources: