Covid-19 from a Christian Worldview

by Jul 2, 2020Current Events

Covid-19 is a terrible virus and it has impacted thousands upon thousands of families in heart-wrenching ways. Its re-emergence in the United States is in the news every second, and often at the top of trending topics across social media platforms. So, the chances of an opportunity to discuss it with friends and loved ones is very high.

As Christians, we need to be equipped to remind people that God is on His throne and in full control. But I think we also need to be able to explain the emergence, and now, the re-emergence of Covid-19 from a Christian worldview. I hope this blog will help you to do that today.

What is a worldview?

While very large books are dedicated to explaining this in detail, I’ll cover the basics. A worldview is simply a way that a person views and explains the world. Everyone has one even if they never identify it or take time to think about it. Ultimately, every worldview seeks to explain the biggest questions of life: Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? Why are things the way they are? What happens when we pass away? The way you answer these questions will deeply impact how you look at different areas of life: Marriage, work, parenting, friendship, family, worship, etc. This is what makes worldviews so important – they impact what we believe and how we interact with the world.

What is a Christian worldview?

A Christian worldview seeks to explain the world by viewing all things through the lens of God’s Word. This worldview is broken down into four main categories: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Glory. When we look at any category of life, we ask, “What was the original design of this when God created it?” “How was it corrupted in the Fall?” “How is it redeemed by Jesus?” and “What is its ultimate end in glory?”

Take the area of work for example:

  • What was the original design of work? For us to enjoy the blessing of work and participating in God’s creation as He walks with us and fellowships with us.
  • How was work corrupted the Fall? Because of sin, work has moved from a blessing to a burden as our sin separated us from fellowship with God.
  • How is work redeemed by Jesus? In Jesus, all work now has purpose and meaning. All things can be done for His glory and through His strength as we seek to honor Him in our work ethic, relationships, and desire to introduce others to Him.
  • What is the ultimate end of work? When all things are made new, work will once again be a pleasure and a joy – a blessing of the highest order as we get to participate with God and enjoy His eternal fellowship.

A Christian worldview applies to every area of life, which includes viruses, and thus, Covid-19.

The Christian worldview of Covid-19

Here is how we address Covid-19 from a Christian worldview.

  • What was the original design? Bacteria and micro-organisms were originally created for our good, and to this day many, many types of bacteria are responsible for keeping us alive.
  • How was it corrupted in the Fall? Our sin didn’t just impact us. The Bible makes it clear that our sin impacted all of creation. Things in creation originally intended to work for our good have now turned against us – things like diseases, viruses, sicknesses and so on have emerged from creation. It’s the reason why “creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth” as it states in Romans 8:22. Creation is yearning for all things to be made new.
  • How is it redeemed in Jesus? Our Lord and Savior made it abundantly clear that in this world we will have much trouble, but to take heart, because He and He alone has overcome the world (John 16:33). Trouble, or suffering in the world, is now something that points us to the One who has overcome the world. The one who heals, saves, and brings eternal life. We can also turn to those who are suffering in this world and tell them, “there is Someone who has overcome all of this. Place your trust in Him.”
  • What is its ultimate end? Death and all things that cause death will be completely done away with when God fulfills His plan. No death. No suffering. No Covid-19.

Knowing that is good, and it will certainly help you explain some things to others. However, as stated above, a worldview actually impacts how we live our lives. 

How does a Christian worldview of Covid-19 impact the way we live?

We need keep our eyes on the One who has redeemed us and how He has told us to live in a world where viruses can run rampant. He has told us to live wisely, to love our neighbors, to be responsible, and to live out the Great Commission as His ambassadors – just to name a few. So, we have to ask ourselves, how am I doing these things as someone who is redeemed in the midst of Covid-19? How am I loving and caring for others – putting them before my own needs (or even opinions)? How am I giving my anxieties to Him – remembering that He has overcome the world and conquered death? How am I living wisely in accordance with God’s word? How am I being a responsible ambassador for Christ so that others may see my loving Savior in my words and actions?

While we can’t ignore the impact or horrible nature of Covid-19, we can approach it with a Christian worldview. We can take time to prayerfully analyze how closely we are aligned with this worldview. We can use this worldview to remind us of what is true, and to empower us to engage with others so that they see Jesus in us.