Do I Have a Testimony?

by Jul 7, 2022Uncategorized

What does it mean to share my testimony as a Christian in the context of evangelism? For many, it revolves around salvation. It’s the story of your life before Christ, how you encountered Jesus, and the transformation that followed. In fact, most Christians have this process in mind when they think of “testimonial evangelism.” However, what if you were raised in the church by a Christian family and don’t really remember a “before?” What if you do remember a “before,” but because of the loving atmosphere you were raised in, there wasn’t a radical transformation? Do you still have a valid testimony that can be used to lead others toward Christ? Absolutely!

Your testimony is much more than just your conversion from darkness to light through the grace of God. It is your experiences with God as He carefully weaves events, circumstances, and people into your life. He is faithfully answering our prayers (Ps 65:5); He protects, preserves and delivers us (Ps 18:2, Eph 1:13); He is actively preparing good works for us to walk in (Eph 2:10); He is daily doing far more than we ask or imagine (Eph 3:20); He remains faithful in our times of doubt and struggle (2 Tim 2:13); and much, much more.

Think carefully through these truths above. As a follower of Jesus, you’ve seen our God move in one or more of these areas. I encourage you to reflect and picture the moment(s) where one or more of these truths bloomed before your eyes. But don’t stop there.

Here’s how to turn these truths and experiences into testimonies that lead toward the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Journal the experience

I think there are two types of people when it comes to journaling the works of God. Those that do it and those that think that they should. If you’re in the latter group, get on mission to start writing down how God is moving in your life. Life is hectic, fast-paced, and full of distractions. If we don’t write these beautiful moments down, we recall them in a haze, which can rob us of details that highlight God’s sovereignty and goodness in the moment.

Build the story

What were you going through at the time? What were you feeling? Who else was impacted? What were the ups and downs as God answered, delivered, comforted, disciplined, or provided? People have always been drawn to stories, and each time God works in your life, He is weaving a beautiful story that speaks to His majesty and glory as He orchestrates all things.

Note the context

Was this an unanswered prayer or an answered one? Was this a trial or a blessing of protection from a trial? Was this an unexpected opportunity to do good that God clearly orchestrated? Was this a moment where God remained faithful in the midst of your own doubts? Whatever the context, make sure to label it, as this will help you to have a testimony on hand as you meet others who go through similar circumstances. Almost nothing beats the feeling of hearing someone share their heart and knowing that when the moment is right, you have a story of God’s faithfulness that fits the same category.

Be expectant to move toward the gospel

Not every opportunity to share a testimony of God’s faithfulness will lead to a gospel presentation, but you should be ready to take it there every single time. When you share how God has rescued, provided, or comforted, you want to be ready to point them to the Rescuer, Provider, and Comforter! You’re not telling them about some abstract concept of “god” that so many hold to today when something goes their way; you’re talking about the living God of the universe, who has redeemed your soul! Be expectant and ready to tell them that they too can know the God who has worked in your life. Let them know this is how God is toward all those who call upon His name, and that they can know Him today, even now!

Don’t let the work of God in your life simply be a series of precious moments that you hold near to your heart. Turn these powerful testimonies outward into your sphere of influence and watch how God uses you for His glory as you seek to win people to Him!