2020 Update

See our impact over the past year

EvanTell’s mission to prepare believers to share the gospel continues in the midst of the pandemic. But while the message of the gospel remains the same, the methods we use to accomplish our mission constantly evolve. Two of our most notable areas of growth have been in digital enhancements and our flourishing Hispanic ministry – see more about these below. 

Hispanic Ministry Update

Our Hispanic Ministry is expanding rapidly and bearing fruit in several countries beyond the United States, including Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Cuba. Your financial support has helped us make a tremendous impact in these regions – and we hope to do so much more with continued support in 2020 and beyond! UPDATE: In the last weekend of May, 828 people across multiple Central and South American countries were trained during our online You Can Tell It! seminar. Imagine how the gospel will be multiplied with 828 people trained and equipped to share the gospel and now able to teach others to do the same!

Recent Progress

31 Live Training Events
In just the past year, we have reached church leaders in USA, México, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala and Uruguay.

EvanTell in Español
Our Spanish-only Facebook page went live at the beginning of this year, and it already has hundreds of followers. This is a first step to the lauch of our Spanish website later in 2020.

21 New Certified Spanish-Speaking Instructors
These instructors span multiple countries and are changing the communities where they live by boldly sharing the gospel and training others to do the same. Just think about how that impact multiplies over just a few weeks!

I learned today that nothing is impossible for God, and Pastor Armando’s story inspired me to put my trust in Christ. I learned that even though I have not been good to God, He has been so good to me.

Signed, Shaquira “the lady that was not a believer”.

The conference changed my way of
living. Now I see how God is working in
me. I will keep all that I learned. I loved
the Bad News Good News method of
sharing the gospel!

Suri (in Cuba)

Next Steps

Expanding work in Guatemala and Bolivia
We’ll be reaching more churches, pastors, and leaders to equip them to share the gospel and train others!

Online Evangelism Training in Spanish
We are set to launch EvanTell en Español later in 2020, which will provide 24/7 evangelism training for all Spanish speakers!

Virtually Mentoring Leaders in Spanish
This year, we will publish four E-Books in Spanish, including 31 Days with the Master Fisherman and Welcome to the Family – two of our most popular books in Spanish.

And much more …
All this and more is made possible by your support – Join us!

Digital Ministry Update

As many are still sheltering at home, more and more people have been seeking encouragement, training and teaching online. We have been there to meet those needs. Logins to our reformatted online training on our new website have increased from a few hundred to thousands in just a few short months.

Recent Progress

New website
At the beginning of 2020, we launched the new EvanTell.org. Much more than a new site, we’ve incorporated more evangelism training videos, more resources, and simplified navigation to help visitors find what they want quickly! Since the launch of our site, visits to our online training have increased by 500%.

New Webinar/Live Streaming Platforms
We have launched two new webinar platforms in 2020! This has allowed us to hold on-demand evangelism training simply and easily. We also have a new live streaming service to encourage and equip while social distancing . Our most recent live event has been viewed almost 800 times, and shared by many around the world! View our virtual events page!

Thank you so much for the recent webinar.  It was a source of encouragement to me personally, as well as equipping me to be able to love our staff and clients with more understanding during this crisis.  This event was wonderful!

Attendee of "Overcoming Fear in Evangelism" webinar - May, 2020

Thanks for your recent presentation on evangelism. Four of us watched together and have agreed to watch another training seminar on your website next week!!

Online Evangelism Training Attendee - May, 2020

Next Steps

New Spanish Only Website
We will soon launch the new Evantell en Español –  all of our training, resources and more all in Spanish. We plan to have the site live before the end of Q3. 

New EvanTell mobile app
Take EvanTell’s resources with you anywhere! It’s coming in Q4 of 2020 as we launch the new EvanTell app. We will make it easier than ever to share the gospel and equip others to do the same wherever you go!

Equipping Others
We want to equip missionaries and evangelists around the world to impact others safely and simply through these same digital technologies. Your support makes it possible. Join us!

A Word from Our Founder

We hope this message finds you safe and well during these turbulent times and have prayed for you to that end. We realize that many of you are in quarantine or just coming out of it. However, the gospel of Jesus Christ is never quarantined. As Paul wrote from house arrest in 2 Timothy 2:8-9: Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel, for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained.

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