The local church exists to build up believers and reach the world for Christ.

EvanTell helps churches make evangelism part of their DNA and grow by conversion through collaborative outreach events, leadership mentoring, onsite and online training, and evangelism resources.

Let us help you equip your congregation to share their faith—whether it’s at church, the workplace, local community, or mission trip!

EvanTell trains and activates believers to share the gospel

  • Online Resources— blog articles, training, and downloadable tools such as our CrossTalk App.
  • Personal Evangelism Training—Interactive, web-based training in personal evangelism, complete with downloadable workbooks
  • Disaster & Victim Relief Evangelism Training—Online training to equip you to share the gospel with sensitivity and tact in the midst of tragedy
  • You Can Preach It! Training in Evangelism Speaking—Online training to equip pastors and speakers to deliver clear and compelling evangelistic messages
  • Seedlings Children’s Evangelism Training—Online training, interactive training for anyone who works in children’s ministry or interacts with children
  • Save the Mother, Save Her Child Pregnancy Resource Center Evangelism Training—Interactive, online training to help local Pregnancy Resource Centers share the gospel on a consistent basis
  • Working with the Gospel Evangelism Training—Online training to equip believers to share the gospel in the workplace

EvanTell equips church leaders to train believers in evangelism

EvanTell helps you activate your congregation

  • Church Evangelism Consulting—Consulting for churches who desire to grow through conversion more than transfer
  • EvanTell Speaker’s Group—Utilize one of EvanTell’s engaging, gifted communicators to speak at your church for an evangelism training or for an evangelistic outreach
  • Wild Game Feast Community Outreach Events—Dine on wild game and hear Dr. Larry Moyer’s testimony on how God used nature and the sport of hunting to bring him to faith in Christ. Complete with a fascinating slide show of some of Larry’s most interesting hunts.

EvanTell provides resources to equip believers for outreach and follow-up

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