EvanTell trains your pregnancy center staff and volunteers to reach women and men annually facing unexpected pregnancy with the hope of the gospel. Through our “Save the Mother, Save her Child” ministry, SMSC, we train and equip Pregnancy Resource Center workers in the U.S. and around the world to share the gospel with those they serve in a grace-filled, clear, and biblically accurate way.

We specialize in equipping staff and volunteers who serve in the unique environment of a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), where over 250,000 women and men come for help every year. When we began this ministry in 2008, we had no idea that the Lord would grow it to over 700 PRCs in the United States and 27 around the world. Our trained centers report that they have shared the gospel over 1.3 million times since we launched our training in 2009.

Below is a summary of how EvanTell equips Pregnancy Resource Centers:

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Personal Evangelism Training — Interactive, web-based training in personal evangelism, complete with downloadable workbooks
  • Save the Mother, Save her Child Online Training — builds on Personal Evangelism training to teach how the gospel is shared in the context of a person’s background, spiritual condition, and activity in the pregnancy center.
  • SMSC Online Role Play Video Principles and Examples — five on-line role play videos with downloadable scripts show center staff authentic examples of sharing the gospel in the center environment
  • Training in conversational evangelism for specific international or religious backgrounds, spiritual conditions, and cultures
  • Professionally Produced Client Materials — high-quality, client-oriented, color, take-home evangelism and discipleship materials in English and Spanish provided to the center by SMSC.

Preparation for PRCs to train believers in evangelism

  • How to Create Your 3-Word Testimony — helps a person embed the gospel into their personal testimony and share the testimony anywhere, in a short time!
  • EvanTell SMSC Instructor Certification — Equips believers to train others in personal evangelism and specialized training for working with at-risk families facing unexpected pregnancy.

Help for PRC Executive Directors to manage evangelism as a function

  • Beyond the Essentials resources and training create center-specific, on-going training support for center evangelism, especially for centers with multiple locations, mobile clinics, and centers with a challenging demographic or international client-base.
  • 4 Keys to Managing Center Evangelism Ministry — provides education in best practices for managing on-going ministry in evangelism and discipleship, especially for the Millennial generation

Resources for outreach & follow up

  • Creative resources for outreach in over 50 languages
  • The Evangelism Study Bible — An all-in-one resource equipping you to share the gospel
  • Set of three evangelism-themed daily devotionals:
    • 31 Days with the Master Fisherman
    • 31 Days to Contagious Living
    • 31 Days to Walking with God in the Workplace
  • “Show Me How” series of instructional books:
    • Show Me How to Share the Gospel
    • Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons
    • Show Me How to Illustrate Evangelistic Sermons
    • Show Me How to Answer Tough Questions
  • Free and Clear — A biblical study of the gospel and salvation
  • 21 Things God Never Said — A biblical study of the gospel and salvation Explains common misconceptions about evangelism
  • Follow-up studies:
    • How to Grow as a Christ-Follower Booklet
    • New believer devotions and bible studies

For more information, please contact us at info@evantell.org