DALLAS, July 2015 – EvanTell, a ministry that trains and equips Christians to share the gospel clearly and simply, has released the CrossTalk app—an interactive gospel presentation with touch activated animation and clear and simple illustrations.

The app, based off EvanTell’s CrossTalk tract, features stories and gospel illustrations that have helped many children trust Christ.

One of our ministry partners who used the tract in Uganda shared: “The Crosstalk helped us share the gospel in a simple way. I feel the children who heard the gospel through CrossTalk have the advantage of hearing the gospel clearly.”

Barna research suggests that at least 43% of American believers indicate that they trusted Christ as Savior before they reached the age of 13. EvanTell is determined to reach children during this critical window of opportunity.

EvanTell President David Souther says, “We developed the CrossTalk app for believers of all ages to use to communicate the gospel to children. We pray that many would hear the gospel and put their trust in Christ.”

Founded in 1973, EvanTell’s mission is to declare the gospel clearly and simply, activate believers around the world, and prepare the upcoming generations to reach the lost. Our goal is that more and more people hear the good news in more and more places every day.

Note to Editors: For more information about EvanTell or CrossTalk App, please visit www.evantell.org. To arrange an interview, please contact Sarah Bowler via email at sbowler@evantell.org or David Souther via email at dsouther@evantell.org.