DALLAS, February 2016 – EvanTell’s 2016 annual luncheon takes place on Thursday, April 21st with a focus on “Sharing Hope with a Broken World.”

This year’s luncheon features emcee Norm Hitzges, Sports Talk Show host on The Ticket, and former Major League Baseball player Darryl Strawberry, who will talk about how his hope in Christ has made all the difference.

EvanTell Founder and CEO Larry Moyer says, “I do not know of any better two people to explain why we need to share hope with a broken world than Darryl and Norm. Not only did they experience God’s saving grace in their own lives, they witness on a regular basis His ability not to repair lives but to transform them.”

Norm’s been in talk radio for over 30 years in the DFW area and been honored by the Texas Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the Dallas All of Sports Association and the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. Norm & Larry have grown close over the years after Norm came to Christ in Larry’s office in 1982.

Darryl played for the New York Mets in the 80’s and the Dodgers and Yankees in the 90’s. In 1983, he received the National League Rookie of the Year award. Over the duration of his baseball career, he made 335 home runs, had 1,000 RBIs, and eight All-Star selections. But his drug and cocaine addiction caused him to lose his career and his marriage. Seemingly at the bottom of his life, he found Christ. Now he spends his days sharing the redemption and restoration found Jesus Christ.

EvanTell President David Souther says, “I am excited to have Darryl and Norm join us to testify to the transforming gospel of grace and why Jesus is our true hope, even in the darkest of times. We look forward to sharing how EvanTell is reaching millions with the hope of Christ throughout the world.”

Founded in 1973, EvanTell’s mission is to declare the gospel clearly and simply, activate believers around the world, and prepare the upcoming generations to reach the lost. Our goal is that more and more people hear the good news in more and more places every day.

Note to Editors: For more information about EvanTell, please visit www.evantell.org. For questions on the Annual Luncheon, please contact Allison Lowrey at alowrey@evantell.org.