DALLAS, June 2017 – EvanTell’s fiscal year ends June 30th.  Every gift made online or postmarked by midnight will help equip more believers to share their faith!

Now is a strategic time to maximize your donation! Some generous partners are offering a $75,000 Challenge Grant to encourage gifts from new donors and increased giving from current donors. So far, EvanTell is more than a third of the way toward reaching the challenge.

Training others—whether through print materials, online courses, or in-person seminars—allows the gospel to go to places you and I could otherwise never reach. 

By training and equipping pastors, parachurch leaders, and the people in their organizations, EvanTell’s reach continues to multiply every year!

Recently, EvanTell received a testimony from Shirley, a Sunday School teacher who had received training through one of EvanTell’s academic partnerships. On Easter Sunday, Shirley sent home a CrossTalk tract with each child. One of the children asked her foster dad to go over the tract with her. Soon, her sister joined them as they read a clear and simple explanation of the gospel. To God be the glory both girls trusted Christ that day!

This is just one example of the ripple effect of EvanTell’s training. In addition to Shirley, multiple students and ministry partners share the gospel around the world. 

In 2016, EvanTell reached a record number of people, with almost 3 million recorded presentations of the gospel! 

As EvanTell nears the end of their fiscal year, your best gift of $30, $50, or more makes a huge difference!

Please give by June 30th to have your gift applied toward the challenge grant.

Three Ways to Give:

  • Mail: PO Box 703929, Dallas, TX 75370–3929
  • Online: evantell.org/donate
  • Phone: 1.800.947.7359

About EvanTell:

EvanTell empowers Christians worldwide to share their faith through training, outreaches, tools, and resources that present the gospel in a clear, biblically accurate, and encouraging way.

EvanTell is a non-profit charitable organization and ministry exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

For additional information see: www.evantell.org
Contact: Allison Lowrey
Email: alowrey@evantell.org