DALLAS, January 2016 – EvanTell’s Founder and CEO, Larry Moyer, has produced a sermon resource called “What does God say about the Sanctity of Life?” EvanTell freely offers this sermon to any pastor who desires to preach all or a portion of it, without attribution.

The month of January has come to be known as the sanctity of human life month and specifically the third Sunday of the month is the “national sanctity of human life day.”

Take some time to pray for this movement and for EvanTell’s Pregnancy Resource Center partners around the world.

The outline of Moyer's sermon is as follows:

What does God say about the Sanctity of Life?

Main Idea – God so loves people that what starts out as a cell He wants as a child.

I.          The sanctity of life was instituted by God because only humans reflect the glory of God.

II.         God starts at conception to develop a child.         

III.        Even when people are not perfect God acknowledges the fact that the one in the womb belongs to Him. 

IV.        What God decides to start, He doesn’t give us the liberty to decide when to end.

V.         He loves what He sees in the womb although the infant is sinful from the day it’s conceived. 

VI.        God so loves life He wants everyone on earth to live with Him forever.

Download the complete sermon transcript below.

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