DALLAS, March 9, 2015 – EvanTell, continuing to position itself for future generations of leadership, announced the resignation of President Andy Coticchio, who explained that  he had accomplished what he intended when he came to the evangelism-training ministry five years ago.

“I came to EvanTell to free our founder, Dr. Larry Moyer, from the day-to-day operations of the ministry,” Coticchio said. “It’s time for me to step aside and let new leadership assume the responsibilities and fully grow into their roles. I spoke to the board in August when they agreed to this timetable we are implementing.”

The move is effective immediately. The ministry’s board of directors named David Souther acting president. Larry Moyer continues full-time as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

EvanTell, founded in 1973 by Moyer, focuses on training Christians to present the gospel – clearly and simply – and touches millions of lives each year through a wide variety of programs, materials and training. Souther, who has been with EvanTell for nine years, serves as the ministry’s Vice President of Ministry and Outreach.

Moyer is 68; Souther is 45.

The board is not conducting an external search. Instead, it will monitor Souther’s growth in his new role and, if everything goes as anticipated, name him president on a permanent basis at its next meeting in August.

“God has greatly used Andy and his giftedness in structuring the ministry to outlast me,” Moyer said. “That transition completed, I am delighted David Souther has been approved as acting president with a view to being named the next president.  I believe he has the giftedness, vision, and ability to continue under God’s good hand to lead the growth and impact of EvanTell. I wish to continue full-time as CEO and chairman of the board as long as health and strength permit and look forward to working alongside him.”

For more information, please visit http://www.evantell.org.