Authentic Life: Core Needs

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Every person has big life questions!

  • Who can I trust? 
  • Who am I?
  • Who wants me? 
  • Why am I alive?  
  • What can I do well?

These questions correlate to the five core needs that God created in every person.  Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ  in the context of people’s core needs allows them to discover that the God of the Bible is the God they need.

EvanTell and Celebrate Kids, Inc. have partnered to bring Authentic Life Training to faith based pregnancy centers. Authentic Life Training is a complete set of training and tools to enhance conversations and share the gospel in the context of a person’s core needs. It’s real. It’s personal. It’s authentic. It's life-changing.

God is someone’s security now and forever. He defines their identity, solidifies their belonging, provides meaningful purpose, and equips them to do things well.

Who wouldn’t want a God who loves as much as this?

Please consider a gift today.

Total Project Requirement: $150,000