Workplace Evangelism

Suggested Donation: $100

I came to this seminar to learn how to talk to my fellow workers about the Lord and discovered I did not understand the gospel myself. That day I accepted His free gift of eternal life and in addition learned how simply and bodly I could talk to others in the workplace about Christ. This is a seminar everyone who wants to be used of  God to evangelize the workplace needs. 

Wally Gomaa | CEO, ACAP Health

Workplace Evangelism Seminars: For those who see their job as their mission field!

EvanTell will equip employers and employees with career specific training and resources to cultivate meaningful relationships at work, share the gospel clearly and simply, and support and direct a new believer within that context. The workplace may well be the leading arena for missions now and in the years to come.

Provide training and intellectual property online for multiplied impact by updating materails to include an updated Workplace Webinar available through out online training platform.

Expand, customize, and translate content for international applications. 

To Schedule a workplace seminar: Contact Dr. Larry Moyer by email ( or call 214.420.6326.

Project Goal: $160,000