Remembering Ravi Zacharias

by May 20, 2020Apologetics

I have been exposed to the writings and videos of Ravi Zacharias over the years more than I have been exposed to him personally.  But just a few years ago, he and I were both main speakers for a conference in New Hampshire. I am grateful that at that time God gave me the opportunity to thank him personally for what he has meant to the Kingdom.

Three things will always stand out to me about Ravi.

He strived to help people think Biblically and clearly

My mentor Haddon Robinson, used to say, “Learning how to speak is learning how to think. If you think clearly, you will speak clearly.” Ravi had the rare ability to show Christians how to think clearly so they could reason clearly. One of his comments that I’ve held most dearly is that he wanted to help thinkers to believe and believers to think.

He always set an example of great humility

Ravi did not take pride in his intelligence or the superb reasoning ability the Lord had given him. He knew that every talent and ability he possessed came from the Master Teacher, and he walked in humble gratitude for his giftedness. It has been said that there are two kinds of people who walk into a room. One has the attitude, “Here I am.” The other has the attitude, “There you are.” Ravi was a “There you are” kind of person.

He was able to reproduce himself in others

Ravi was passionate about discipling those who could defend the Truth for the same purpose that He did – that others might come to the Savior. His goal was not reasoning for reason’s sake. But reasoning for the sake of a person’s salvation. That meant to impact the world, it could not all be done by himself. He had to disciple others how to think so they in turn could do the same – and he did so masterfully.

Some people leave their legacy in books – and while Ravi was a best-selling author, his greatest legacy will not just be in the books he wrote but the people he impacted – unbelievers and believers alike.











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