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Overcoming Fear in Evangelism | Webinar | Watch the Replay

You can overcome fear in evangelism. We hope you were able to join us for this May 27 webinar. Dr. Larry Moyer pulled from 47 years of experience as an evangelist to share tips and tactics to help attendees grow in confidence and share with clarity. If you missed the webinar, use the button below to watch the replay!









Pray as You Go: How Prayer Reignites Evangelism | Webinar | 3/25/2020

Pastor, evangelist, and Hispanic Ministry Director Armando Zuniga shares six critical prayer points to consider as we share our faith.

How to Turn Conversations Toward Christ | Webinar | 1/29/2020

EvanTell founder and CEO Dr. Larry Moyer and President David Souther share tactics you need to naturally turn any conversation toward Christ.

How to Reach Relatives for Christ | Webinar | 11/13/2019

Dr. Larry Moyer pulls from decades to experience to explain simple steps you can take to begin sharing Christ with an unbelieving family member. 

Live Events

2020 Livestream Annual Luncheon with Guest Speaker David Nasser
2019 Annual Luncheon with Guest Speaker Sheila Walsh
EvanTell 45th Anniversary Dinner with Guest Speaker Dr. James Emery White
2018 Annual Luncheon with Guest Speak Chad Hennings