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How to Share the Gospel Clearly and Simply | Webinar 

In this webinar, we’ll look at some of the latest cultural rifts, analyze the causes of those rifts, and discuss how to be a bridge builder in our divisive society. At the end of our time together, you’ll be equipped to have conversations that can help lead others to the truth of the gospel. Join us on  September 29 from 9:30 – 10:30 am CST for a great discussion!








Now is the Time|2021 Annual Dinner Livestream

Did you miss our Annual Dinner in April? Watch it now to hear inspiring testimonies, important updates on how God has been working through EvanTell, and a powerful message from our keynote speaker, David Nasser. Click the button below to watch now!

Past Evangelism Webinars

How to share the gospel clearly and simply | Webinar | 8/30/21

Gain the tools and confidence to have a gospel conversation clearly and learn to share your faith in a way that is simple yet impactful in this webinar replay.

Unstuck: How to Break Free from Four Evangelism Myths | Webinar | 7/28/2021

Four evangelism myths are often what hinder many of us from sharing more often. This webinar discuss each one and how to share your faith like never before.

How to Live out Your Faith in a Cancel Culture | Webinar | 6/30/2021

Do you ever feel like you need to hold back your faith? If so, this webinar will discuss how to live out your faith in a cancel culture.

How to Identify the Gift of Evangelism | 5/26/2021

Watch our wonderful discussion where we answered these and other questions with seasoned evangelist Dr. Larry Moyer.

How to Plant Seeds for the Gospel | 03/31/2021 

Learn how to plant seeds in words and take actions that can open doors to gospel presentation opportunities.

Evangelism in Workplace 2.0 | 02/24/2021 

Learn seven practical principles you can use to share Christ in the midst of a transformed, digital-first workplace.

5 Steps to a Closer Walk with Christ | Webinar | 01/27/2021 

Hear a fresh perspective on five timeless principles for growing your faith and strengthening your walk with Christ this year.

Six Keys to Effective Evangelism | Webinar | 12/16/2020 

Dr. Larry Moyer shares six keys that will quickly help you share your faith more effectively with friends, family, and loved ones.

Reaching Religious People | Webinar | 11/18/2020 

A few simple tatics can help you share your faith confidently with people from other religions. In this webinar, we walk you step-by-step through each one.

Closing Conversations | Webinar | 9/30/2020 

Learn how to close a gospel conversation in different ways and with different personalities – so you can start conversations with confidence!

Overcoming Fear of Rejection | Webinar | 8/26/2020 

After this 60 minute webinar, you’ll have everything you need to overcome the fear of rejection and share your faith confidently.

Overcoming Fear in Evangelism | Webinar | 5/27/2020 

Dr. Larry Moyer shares ways we can grow in evangelism confidence and share with clarity. If you missed the webinar, use the button below to watch the replay!

Pray as You Go: How Prayer Reignites Evangelism | Webinar | 3/25/2020

Pastor, evangelist, and Hispanic Ministry Director Armando Zuniga shares six critical prayer points to consider as we share our faith.

How to Turn Conversations Toward Christ | Webinar | 1/29/2020

EvanTell founder and CEO Dr. Larry Moyer and President David Souther share tactics you need to naturally turn any conversation toward Christ.

How to Reach Relatives for Christ | Webinar | 11/13/2019

Dr. Larry Moyer pulls from decades to experience to explain simple steps you can take to begin sharing Christ with an unbelieving family member. 

Past Live Virtual Evangelism Events

2020 Livestream Annual Luncheon with Guest Speaker David Nasser
2019 Annual Luncheon with Guest Speaker Sheila Walsh
EvanTell 45th Anniversary Dinner with Guest Speaker Dr. James Emery White
2018 Annual Luncheon with Guest Speak Chad Hennings