Alain entered military school in Cuba shortly after finishing high school. His training included the ins and outs of the revolution and communist culture, and he was given the honor of making the Communist Military’s version of a commencement speech upon his military graduation.

Alain bought into all the propoganda, but one day he heard something new. Involved in active military service, he was walking up and down the fence line of a government building surrounded by barbed wire. His eyes caught sight of a small piece of of trash blown into the fence. Curious, he picked it up and read the title: “May I Ask You a Question?”

He read the words and placed his trust in Jesus Christ.

Alain left the communist party and begin attending seminary. Now he’s the associate pastor in his church and has served as a translator for mission teams coming into Cuba.

Alain still has that EvanTell tract he discovered in the fence. This piece of “trash” has become one his most treasured possessions.

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