Sounds unthinkable, right? The gospel in public schools? Not in Uganda!

EvanTell partners with Scripture Union to take the gospel into the public school system. We‘ve reached over 100,000 children in their classrooms during this initial project phase. Here is a sampling of the testimonies we have received:

“One of the students protested against the fact that he was a sinner UNTIL he heard it firsthand right out of the Bible!”

“We were able to counsel the children one on one right after the presentation in the headmaster’s office which he had volunteered for us to use.”

“The methods you taught us and the tools you provided are very clear. The children we counseled knew for sure that they needed Jesus to take away their sin so they could know God and put their trust in Christ alone.”

As God continues to open doors throughout the Ugandan school systems, He is also at work in South Sudan, western Kenya, and Ethiopia, where we’ve had invitations to expand the partnership. Work is now underway to translate the CrossTalk into Arabic, Amharic, and Kiswahili to reach the upcoming generations for Christ.

Thanks for your prayers and support that help to make this possible!