I grew up in Hong Kong, but I was born on a fishing boat in China. My parents were fishermen, but I didn’t meet them until I was 15 or 16-years-old. I was on the street in Hong Kong until the age of 5, [when] a pastor and pastor’s wife adopted me.

I never wanted to be a Christian until the age of 15, because I saw so many dark sides of the church. Through an evangelistic meeting, I heard John 3:16, just a very common sermon. But the Holy Spirit really came into my heart and turned me upside down. People who were around me never knew what was happening inside me, but that impact from the Holy Spirit lasted from 15 till now—God called me into full time ministry and also called me to serve the house church in China.

I am now working with 28 different house church movements. Some of them don’t even have a name, but there are 50,000 Christians just in one district. Many of them need training. So, I am doing the same thing as Larry and EvanTell do—evangelism training.

The church is still growing because people when they know the Lord are like me at 15-years-old. They are on fire for the Lord and want to share the gospel! EvanTell is helping us do that, clearly and simply.

I see God’s hand at work as God moves people’s heart. That’s something we cannot do, but we just follow God. 

(EvanTell seeks to reach "closed" countries in East Asia from the "inside out" through our EvanTell-trained indigenous evangelists and missionaries. Partner with us! )