Pictured above: Director of Hispanic Ministries Armando Zuniga talks to a couple who has been married for 67 years.


Editor's Note: The following praise report comes from Armando Zuniga.

What a tremendous weekend of renewal and training in Fort Lauderdale! THANKS for your prayers. 


I never know what God is working on before I arrive to any location, but I know for sure He’s been working in the hearts of a many people around a small local congregation in north Miami. I arrived Friday afternoon and met pastor David who is from El Salvador and his wife Judy who is from Cuba. They work with a small but growing Baptist church. Friday night I began with a marriage workshop. We had about 15 couples in attendance. One couple has been married for 67 years but they came to learn about marriage anyway. I was a little humbled by that, who am I to teach them about marriage? But they were so receptive to the messages and at the end they came to me and encourage me greatly. They told me to take this message to many people and that they will be praying for me to take it to Cuba, they are both Cubans. It was a great affirmation to me that what God has put in my heart is going in the right direction.


On Saturday morning I taught an evangelism seminar, it was emotional, and it was exciting. I love activating believers for the work of the Great Commission. We had a great attendance and two of them were Bible Institute professors, they loved the seminar and encouraged me greatly. Miami has a very diverse population of Hispanics from all over Central and South America. I was the only Mexican in the room!! I am very excited that about 50 people learned to share the gospel in a clear and simple way. I could tell that many in the audience have never share the gospel, and some of them did not understand saving faith, I paused the seminar to make a call for them to trust Christ if they had not done so.


On Sunday morning I had the opportunity to preach, the pastor told me that he had been inviting his sister for years to church, she is not a believer, in the past she’d only come for special occasions, but she’d always leave before the sermon. On Sunday she stayed for the sermon, the pastor was so excited to see his sister stay and listen to the word of God. Please pray that their relationship improves and that Berta trusts Christ soon.


On Sunday night I taught for another three hours to complete the marriage seminar. In the audience there was a couple, they are doctors from Peru, non believers, they had never come to this church but were invited by a friend of the pastor. I was able to share the gospel with them, please pray that they also trust Christ as their savior and Lord. They were extremely excited at the end of the seminar.


Last night I spoke about how to deal with anger, conflict resolution, trust and forgiveness, it is a special time where I get to share my story and encourage others to forgive and seek forgiveness. Many in the audience get very emotional as they are dealing with hard situations and past hurts. I always pause and pray with and for them, there are always so many tears of emotion as they realize how important forgiveness is for them. This session frees many of them, it is one of my favorite parts of the seminar.


I left incredibly encouraged to see how God worked on me and others this weekend. I hope that you are encouraged to know that your prayers were answered greatly. We serve a God of love and restoration. I am blessed that you take a few minutes of your life to collaborate in what God is doing. I am only a messenger and I pray that God opens more doors for us all to bring the message of hope to many.