This morning our Founder Larry Moyer shared some devotional thoughts from 1 Chronicles 14:13-17, where God brought victory to King David over the Philistines. He then emphasized that the reason for EvanTell's 45 successful years in evangelism could be summarized with three words: "God Did It."

Larry shared 7 examples from EvanTell's history showing how "God Did It":

  1. Direction in Larry's life as a young man — giving him control over his inherited speech defect and directing him to Bible college.
  2. Finances — Near the beginning of EvanTell's founding, a stranger who wanted to help a budding evangelist  started giving $500 each month to the ministry.
  3. Contacts — Larry's mentor, Haddon Robinson, sent an endorsement of Larry to all the alumni of Dallas Theological Seminary. Within just a few weeks, this resulted in over 20 invitations to speak. 
  4. Office Space — EvanTell was given office space for free for the first year of ministry.
  5. A Clear & Simple Message — Formed from a desire to present the gospel with clarity, Larry developed "The Bad News/Good News" method for gospel presentations. Materials featuring this method have been translated in over 60 languages and are used all around the world.
  6. Mentors — The Lord provided several mentors to help guide Larry and the ministry over the years. In particular, Larry recalls Vaughn Pearson's admonition: "You don't have to know everything, just surround yourself with people who do."
  7. Endurance during hardships — God's hand upon the ministry during all its hardships and ups and downs.