It’s a tough life for families out there in the world.  So the Body of Christ is on the GO! People who love the Lord are taking the gospel and specialized medical care to families, right where they live.

The ICU Mobile Memphis unit, led by Executive Director Cathy Waterbury, regularly visits 13 locations in the city of Memphis, Tenn.—going straight to the heart of the city where at-risk women live, and even to the doorsteps of women who can’t get to a clinic building.

“Tanya* has an amazing story,” says Cathy.  “She chose life for her unborn twins after seeing them in the sonogram image.”  In the midst of this, Client Advocate and EvanTell Certified Instructor Carol led Tanya to Christ.

“Tanya is 25 weeks along now, and stopped by our unit today for prayer and encouragement on her way back to the hospital. She is having contractions, and her doctor has put her on bed rest. Tanya has three children and lives with her mom, who is battling breast cancer. She works for AT&T and is in college as well. Carol will be visiting with her regularly. We will introduce her to Brown Baptist Church, a wonderful church in the Memphis area, and they will help us minister to her and her family.” 

ICU Mobile Memphis shares more testimonies about women who trust Christ. “We can meet women right in their neighborhoods,” says Cathy. “Convenience makes a huge difference. Ultrasounds, along with counsel, change hearts and minds. And we have more exciting news this week! We have had two more decisions for Christ. It’s awesome when God sends someone to the unit. They might have a negative pregnancy test, but they trust Christ as their Savior. That’s what we call ‘divine intervention’!” 

*Names have been changed.  Learn more about ICU Mobile Memphis at