Pastor Joey Casas became a Master Certified Instructor in 2009, and since then he has trained over 500 pastors and thousands of believers using EvanTell’s materials. As a native Filipino, he’s been instrumental in translating several of EvanTell’s materials into Tagalog and four other languages native to The Philippines.  In addition, he serves as the director of the Word Bible College in Manila, which features EvanTell’s course in personal evangelism for first year students.

Last fall, Joey began leading a team from his church to conduct training seminars for non-Muslim tribes in South Cotabato, a region in Mindano. These tribes are being pressured by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to join the Islamic group in their plans to establish a new structure of government. As a result, churches in some areas are serving the Lord under intense persecution with threats and acts of violence and murder.

“We were so blessed by the positive response of the pastors,” says Joey. “One of them walked 17 kilometers starting from 3 AM to attend our 8:30 AM seminar and another crossed two mountains.”

The seminars aim to equip church leaders for effective evangelism using EvanTell’s Cross Talk tract and You Can Tell It! Materials.

For now training is permitted, but Joey adds, “We pray to establish regular trainings in these places while it is still open and they are very interested in biblical education.”