For the past three years, San Pedro Sula—known for its drugs and gang violence—has ranked at the top of the list of the world’s most dangerous cities (outside of war zones).

Josue lives in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Only people who live in that area may safely visit and nobody from his church congregation enters. 

But Josue believes this is where God has called him. As a missionary to his community, Josue led over 30 people to Christ in 2015 after taking EvanTell training from one of our Master Certified Instructors.

Josue's Story:

Some time ago, I went to my room, and about a minute later there I was surrounded by gang members, they were in my house, armed, they closed the door.

I was in shock, I asked, “What’s going on? Have they come to rob me or kill me?”

But, no. They came fleeing from the police. They climbed over the walls, some were over by the pool, others behind the house, and some inside my room, and it was unbelievable.

A few months ago, Pastor Armando Zuniga came to Honduras, invited by Score International, to teach in a conference; and there I heard and received EvanTell’s You Can Tell It! training.

I used to ask gang members if they wanted to accept Christ; (told them) that Christ loved them, and that Christ did not want them to perish. All this sounded a little boring to them.

After learning the EvanTell material, my words flow easier and clearer. I go to the corners where they meet, and I say to them: “Guys, today I have some bad news and good news,” and it catches their attention.

Now they say, “Hey, this man is bringing bad news and good news. Let’s listen!”

So now, all of them get together, and I talk to them about Christ and present the gospel. Everything comes down to two things: "Bad News/Good News."