I was born in a Christian family and my father was a pastor. When I was 17 I trusted Christ, and He called me to ministry. He called me to a special gift to be an evangelist and to overcome all the hardships and obstacles that would come with that calling.

In 2005, the communist government found out I was going around sharing the gospel, so they arrested me. When I was in prison I was accused of a crime punishable by death. But, miraculously, the Lord delivered me out of prison.

After I got out of prison, the local authorities would come and interrogate me, and I would boldly tell them that I will continue to serve my God until the end of my days. They told me “No you cannot. You are not to go anywhere in the country. You are to stay right where you are.”

I answered, “There is a proverb that says when God calls you to do something you do it. And, my Father in heaven has called me to this, so I have to obey him. I live in a city where all material comfort is provided for. If it is just for me, why do I want to go to remote places and live this kind of life for? But my Father told me to do this. So, for the rest of my life I will bring the love of my God my Father to my country. And if you think that is against the law, then please feel free to put me back in prison or to kill me.”

The Christmas of the following year, praise the Lord, I was able to go back to the region that had arrested me and hold a crusade and outreach. About 1,400 people attended and 400 trusted Christ.

We have held events and crusaded and outreaches from 1,000 to 40,000 [in other regions], and we are just thankful that many people heard the gospel. Today we recognize that many of our countrymen need to hear the gospel and be saved. They live in a state of fear and without hope. Anything they see, because of fear, they worship. So we want to share about the Savior, so they will know the truth.

We are so glad EvanTell has come alongside us and helped us equip evangelists by multiplication to go and share the gospel!

[Picture above: Nahum helping at a children's camp. Face is blurred for security.]