Facebook Live Devotion: To Whom Goes the Applause?

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Wally Gomaa’s Story: Businessman Saved through EvanTell Training

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108 Years on the Clock

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Christmas Outreach Events in Asia

Crusades in Southeast Asia ... read more

Hospitality: An Interview with Emily Foreman

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How the Reformation Impacts EvanTell’s International Efforts

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EvanTell Brings in Money for North Texas Giving Day

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Master Certified Instructor Takes the Gospel to Romania

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Metroplex Women's Clinic: Entire Parenting Class Trusts Christ

The gospel is the core focus of everything from the top down at Metroplex Women’s Clinic. ... read more

Metroplex Women's Clinic: A Miraculous Answer to Prayer

In 2015, the Metroplex Women’s Clinic in Arlington, Texas had 135 clients pray to trust Christ. In 2016, they asked God to double that... read more