EvanTell specializes in bringing the hope of the gospel to at-risk families. Often this happens in the environment of Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC), where over 250,000 women and men come for help every year. Since launching our “Save the Mother, Save her Child” program in 2009, our trained centers report that they have shared the gospel over 1.3 million times.

Recently, Ministry Director Mary Margaret Gibson traveled to St. Cloud, Minnesota to train and equip workers at several Pregnancy Resource Centers. Training these centers is a strategic opportunity for reaching hurting families, but the results of the training extend far beyond just conversations with clients.

Brittany Sheehy, a director at Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic is using her EvanTell training to reach people every chance she gets.

On a recent plane trip she prayed that God would use her to talk about her faith with the lady next to her. A moment later the lady said to her boyfriend, “Are you going to play that game on your phone the whole time? Who am I going to talk to?!"

Sheehy jumped on the opportunity! The whole plane ride was spent discussing their beliefs, and she was able to share the gospel message.

As the plane landed, the lady said, “Brittany, although you never said it out loud, you have a lot of hope. That's very clear in how you talk about your faith."

Sheehy has also found avenues to talk about the gospel through her church’s youth program.

“There is one sophomore student that I invest in named Rachel. She has a huge heart for evangelism and a desire to walk closely with the Lord,” says Sheehy. Her family has a foreign exchange student, Marianna, from Mexico this year. Rachel and I have prayed a lot for Marianna.”

After going through EvanTell’s training, Sheehy prayed that God would give her an opportunity for spiritual discussion with Marianna. God answered that prayer as the three of them got coffee before a Friday night youth lock-in.

“I told them I just received training in evangelism and that I wanted to practice the 3 word testimony,” said Sheehy. “I went first as an example, then Rachel...and then it was Marianna's turn. I didn't know how it would go since she is normally very quiet. But she shared and it turns out she is a believer and has grown immensely since coming to the States. We had a long conversation and went over what the gospel is and how it's not works that save you but trusting in Jesus alone.”

As they continued talking, they went to pick up June, another friend who is a foreign exchange student from Thailand. When June got in the car, Marianna announced, “I’m not done with my story!” She begin asking questions about how to grow her faith when she returns to Mexico.

Sheehy then turned to June and asked, “Do you know anyone in Thailand that is a Christian or goes to church?" June replied that her family was Buddhist, so Sheehy followed up by asking, "What do Buddhists believe, what are the core beliefs?"

“Doing good works, reincarnation, and going to temple. What does Christianity believe?" asked June.

From there Sheehy was able to discuss the gospel and answer some of June’s questions. While June hasn’t put her trust in Christ yet, the door is still open for future discussion.

“God is moving and using the training to equip people!” says Sheehy. “And God is moving in peoples' hearts! If you think of it, please pray for June's heart to be softened to the gospel and for more opportunities to talk with her!”