Elementary students in North Texas learn about God through after school programs featuring praise songs, memory verses, Bible lessons, games, small group time, and a study book.

“It’s really like Sunday School,” says area coordinator Karen Delezen, “But it’s even more because they are actually doing something at home and then we are discussing it each week. So, it’s a really fantastic program for children, whether they are churched or unchurched.”

Delezen, a retired school teacher, has volunteered with these after school programs for over 8 years.

As the program resumes this Fall, she has 3 main goals: (1) to give each child the opportunity to trust Christ, (2) to teach each child how to have a daily walk with Christ, and (3) to teach each child how to share Christ with others.

To accomplish this Delezen presents the gospel to her students 3 times each year using EvanTell’s CrossTalk tract. “[It’s] the tool I’ve used that I’ve had the greatest results from,” says Delezen. “It is clear, it is simple, and has cartoon pictures.”

After explaining the gospel, Delezen has her students practice sharing the gospel with each other, but it doesn’t stop there, “My children just beg for CrossTalks, because they go out and give them to their neighbors, to their friends at school.”

One little boy from the program loves to volunteer as a classroom greeter and uses the opportunity to talk with his classmates about Christ. One time a new friend told him that he didn’t know about God. Upon hearing this, he ran to his backpack and grabbed a CrossTalk tract to give him.

One girl from the program shared Christ with a friend and begin meeting with her once a week to talk more about CrossTalk and the Bible.

“This little girl gave her a bible and the mother I think threw it away,” recalls Delezen. “But she was not deterred one bit. She loved this little girl so much and wanted this little girl to become a Christian.”

Recently, EvanTell released the CrossTalk tract as an app available on Android and iPhone devices. It has all the content from the tract, as well as additional parts, including: Bible verses, illustrations, and fun animation.

Delezen still loves the paper tract, but looks forward to incorporating the app as another avenue for sharing the gospel. All club parents will receive instructions for downloading the app so their children can use it on their phones.

 “I love it,” says Delezen. “It will be so much fun for a child to share with another child because it’s so interactive.”

To learn more about the new CrossTalk app visit: evantell.org/crosstalk-app