Earlier this summer, Larry Moyer taught an evangelism training at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas. During the training, Andy Edison came up to him excited to share his testimony of how Larry had led him to Christ 30 years ago:

My story is of a 17-year-old kid, who had never really been to church. I didn't have a concept of God and didn't feel like I was worth much.

It was the summer of 1986 and the church was Memorial Bible Church in Tulsa Ok, and you were doing a revival and preaching on evangelism. After one of your sermons, you asked people to raise their hand if they trusted God as their personal Lord and Savior, I raised my hand. After raising my hand, you took me aside and started to ask me questions about God and I couldn't put into words anything about God.

 I really didn't know God, so you took me into a room and went through your 2 bad and 2 good things. As you were talking I remember at some point I could see you talking but I could not hear anything you were saying. For me the world seemed to stop and I was just there seeing you move your lips and not hearing any words/sound coming from your mouth.

That is how I used to tell people how I trusted Christ, until I was explaining it to you and the Holy Spirit revealed something else to me. As you were talking and I could not hear anything and the world seemed to stop, I realized that the regular world did stop. However, the Spiritual world was still active and this is what was revealed to me as I spoke to you. In the moment/minutes/infinite time that I thought the world stopped, I remembered that as you were speaking and I was watching you, I was also looking up and felt something enter into me and that was the Holy Spirit as it descended. The moment that the Holy Spirit entered me, the world came back and I heard you say do you understand what I have just explained and do you accept Christ as your personal Savior. I answered YES!!!!!!. My life has never been the same.