Earlier this year, our Founder and CEO, Larry Moyer, traveled to The Philippines to equip and encourage pastors who had gathered together for a pastor’s conference at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Lagunu. The theme of the conference was, “Growing the Church Through Conversion,” a subject very close to Larry’s heart.

Topics included “How to Get Your Church on the Cutting Edge of Evangelism and Keep It There,” “How to Reach Unbelievers While Speaking to Christians,” and “Four Things Every Church Leader Should Do with the Gospel.”

Over 30 of the pastors who attended are also EvanTell Certified Instructors who teach evangelism in their churches and Bible schools using EvanTell’s tools and training. These churches are active in community outreach, prison ministry, disaster relief, and children’s evangelism. Many of them were involved in the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the middle of the country in 2013.

The conference encouraged many. One pastor, who has trained over 500 people in his church in personal evangelism, commented:

“Larry’s love for the Lord and concern for the clarity of the Gospel overflowed from his heart. Our commitment to share the Gospel and to equip others to share it was passionately rekindled and refreshed through the conference. It was a huge blessing for us because we saw so many who needed hope after the typhoon, the hope that only Christ can give.”

Conferences like these are a result of EvanTell’s commitment to our “train the trainer” model of international evangelism. We invest in indigenous leaders overseas who not only have a passion to reach people with the gospel, but also to equip others to share the gospel. That way, the work continues through our partners and grows exponentially as they reach and train as many as the Lord allows.

For more information about EvanTell’s international ministry and strategy, please contact David Souther at dsouther@evantell.org.