EvanTell partner Svetlana Jovanova founded the first crisis pregnancy center in Macedonia.  “Lydia—a Beating Heart,” named after the first Christian convert recorded in Eastern Europe (cf. Acts 16), stands out as a beacon in a country where there are almost as many abortions as there are births.

“Our goal is to promote and support life, the right of a woman to choose to give birth to a child and the right to a child to be born,” says the center. “[We] focus on key needs of society in the areas of counseling, prevention, education, family life, raising and educating children etc. Our goal is to promote and develop moral and spiritual values based on the Bible.”

In 2015 the center served over 150 women, saved at least 20 babies from abortion, provided 25 families with food and clothing, and saw women come to Christ.  Svetlana also spoke as a guest on several TV stations around her country.

One couple caught part of a TV program and came to the center to talk. They had four children and were pregnant with a second set of twins. In their minds, four children was already too many, much less six. A counselor talked with them about their situation and encouraged them to choose life. Six months later Jana and Ilina were born and the family is grateful for the “words of life spoken” through the Lydia Center.

The beginning of this year “Lydia” opened a second location. “I believe this is still just the beginning. I know God has many more things in store for us,” reports Svetlana.