Frequently Asked Questions:

How much longer does Larry think he will be involved with EvanTell?

As long as the Lord gives him the strength and ability to help EvanTell fulfill its mission of encouraging and equipping believers to reach the world with the gospel.

Who will be the face of EvanTell, leading the charge, after Larry is gone?

We are asking the Lord raise up a team of evangelists/directors who will lead EvanTell in the years to come. The recruitment and hiring of these directors is an integral part of our succession plan.

The name Larry Moyer is synonymous with EvanTell. How can EvanTell continue to grow without Larry?

The ministry has already grown. Through materials, certified instructors, and key staff, it is not nearly as dependent upon Larry as it once was. There are key administrative systems and staff in place which are critical to EvanTell moving forward.

Does Larry have someone in mind to take over the face-of-the-ministry aspects of Evantell when he is gone?

We have a five year plan in place that will include hiring directors with a similar evangelistic passion, doctrine, and philosophy as Larry.

What will Larry’s role be in "The Unfinished Task" (succession plan)?

As founder and CEO, Larry will continue to declare the gospel through his evangelistic outreaches, activate believers by working with churches, counsel church leaders in how to grow their churches by conversion, and provide leadership at EvanTell. The big goal is to call the church back to evangelism.

How are EvanTell's objectives for "The Unfinished Task" changing from the last 45 years?

We are focusing on reaching the upcoming generations through technology, equipping local churches, and expanding internationally. We will also develop a team of directors passionate and gifted in working with churches to encourage and equip believers in evangelism.

Why do you believe "The Unfinished Task" is going to make such a positive impact on the success of EvanTell's goal of advancing the Kingdom?

Because we are working through the instrument that God has declared that He will use to evangelize the world—the local church. It is also in alignment with the Great Commission as well as Christ's last words as recorded in Acts 1:8.

What strategies will take priority — in sequence?

Our primary initial strategies are to expand our digital and social media footprint to reach and equip the upcoming generations; to expand our Spanish speaking ministry, partnerships, and resource base; and enlarge our church partnerships. While we will work on these simultaneously, prioritization will depend on God's direction and provision of money, personnel, and ministry opportunities.

What have been the most successful programs or areas in EvanTell's ministry and where are they today?

Our international ministry is by far our most fruitful area in regard to presentations and trainings. Also, our personal evangelism training is a key component to everything we do and is available online and through our certified instructors. We have seen countless churches, pregnancy centers, and other ministries highly benefit from it to reach more people for Christ.

The future plans you’ve discussed will obviously require much greater financial resourcing within EvanTell. How do you plan to increase the additional required donations to execute this plan?

By laying out clearly our five year plan and challenging individuals and churches to be a part of it by taking an increasingly greater role financially as we also obtain new contributors each year. We want them to see what EvanTell beyond Larry looks like and how they can be a part of that.

Though you have directors on staff already, you plan on developing new directors for the focused areas. Please explain the title and authority differences.  

There are currently two ministry directors on staff that are involved with various aspects of ministry and operations. In hiring new directors, we are providing oversight in areas crucial to ministry growth (digital, church, international). These new directors will be our "bench" as we raise up the next leaders of EvanTell.