Using Questions to Spur Gospel Conversations with Toddlers

by May 25, 2016Children

Whether a parent or a Sunday School teacher (or maybe both), we often have a lot on our minds. Child safety. Lesson Preparation. Allergy free snacks. Shopping for new shoes for quicky growing feet. Picking a preschool. Etc.

In the midst of the busy toddler days, how do we make gospel discussions a part of every day?

Keep in mind there are two things young children love: asking questions and being asked questions. Many questions are made up on the spot, a very natural way to do it. However, when talking to children about the gospel it’s helpful to have a list of important evangelistic questions we can fall back on.

Asking questions, particularly with young children, can be one of the best ways to get the gospel message across. Furthermore, when we begin encouraging children to answer questions about the gospel in front of their peers, we are beginning the process of training them to share Christ with each other.

Here are a few suggestions designed for use in a Sunday School class setting (though easily adaptable for use at home). Many of these questions tend to work best, if a child has heard gospel concepts previously


Using Questions to Talk about the Concept of Sin

1.  Class, we’ve talked about sin before, can anyone list some examples of sins? Remember, that sin could be anything we think, say, or do.

2.  With younger children or kids that are hesitant to answer, consider drawing them out by giving examples of good and bad things and asking them to pick out which things are sins. For instance, “If I hit my brother or sister, is that a sin?” “If my mom tells me to pick up my toys and I don’t listen, is that a sin?”

3.  Is everyone a sinner? Is there such a thing as a perfect person?

4.  What might happen when we do wrong things?


Using Questions to Talk about the Concept of God’s Holiness

1.  What does it mean that God is perfect? Does God ever do anything wrong?

2.  What is heaven?

3.  What is so good about heaven?

4.  Since heaven is a perfect place, can anyone who does wrong things be in heaven?


Using Questions to Talk about Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

1.  Can anyone tell me why Jesus died?

2.  Did Jesus stay dead? (Let me tell you that hearing a group of 3-year-olds shout “no” is one of the most joyful things I’ve ever heard on a Sunday morning.)

3.  How many days did Jesus stay dead? 5? 10? 23? 3,710?


Using Questions to Talk about Coming to Christ

1.  If I do some good things, will God let me into heaven?

2.  Can anyone tell me how I can be saved from the punishment of my sin?

I am often surprised at how well children can answer questions. Usually, it doesn’t take long before a child will spit out the whole plan of salvation in one breath. I’ve even seen 3-year-olds do this. One great thing about hearing a child give the gospel is that they often naturally do so in a way that is clear and understandable by their fellow peers. 

What are some questions that you have found helpful, when working with children?