Weekend in Querétaro

by Aug 16, 2021Current Events, Updates

This weekend was a blessing and personally a great challenge in my life and ministry. We had the opportunity to carry out the evangelism training You Can Tell It! This training is aimed towards Pastors who are being trained through a program called Church Planting School in the Bajio area in Mexico; this time in the City of La Corregidora in Querétaro in Mexico.

We were very blessed by the hospitality received by the host Pastor upon arriving in Queretaro. We shared with him and his family a very typical and delicious dinner, some tacos, while having a very uplifting conversation regarding how the Lord is guiding him in the ministry. I really love these types of conversations.

I realized the challenge I had to face during the training time. My audience was different than usual, they were a group of pastors from different churches in the region. With the help of the Lord and applying one of the lessons, we taught during the training I was able to carry out each lesson.

I was very encouraged to see how well the material was received. The pastors appreciated the emphasis on preaching the gospel with clarity and simplicity. They highlighted that through these trainings, they can now better equip their churches on sharing the gospel with simplicity and clarity which will allow them to grow in evangelism.

At the end of the training, I spoke with several pastors, many of who are beginning to plant churches in municipalities of the region which are characterized by alchemy and rejection of the gospel. They shared with me how important it is to establish a relationship as a bridge to preach the gospel, being the fundamental relationship in this type of adverse conditions, and how the teachings of the seminary helped them to be able to reinforce that concept.

At the end of the seminar, a Pastor – who by the way had a lot of participation during the teaching time and asked very good questions – personally told me the following:

“You do not have an idea of how much I was blessed by this seminar, thank you brother, really thank you very much.”

At that moment I realized the great privilege it is to be obedient to the Lord and live in gratitude. Only by His grace, He was able to use me to be an impact and blessing on this occasion to a large number of pastors.

I can personally say, once again, that it is possible to overcome the fear or nervousness in evangelization. First, develop confidence in the message we convey, secondly, developing conviction that I am the messenger of God, thirdly, developing concern for people, and fourthly, developing consistency in my life, thus making Evangelization a habit rather than a headache.

A day later we had the opportunity to train another group of pastors remotely in Guatemala. Although I couldn’t be in person while the teaching was given, it was a time of great joy to know that we were able to equip them through training, even though they are in another country.

This weekend was one of great blessings and challenges, as we were able to serve the Lord’s church in a practical and effective way through the You Can Tell It! seminary.